Ways CDN Can Improve the Performance of Your WordPress Site

Ways CDN Can Improve the Performance of Your WordPress Site

The performance of your website is an essential factor that impacts the ranking of your overall site and also has the potential to affect the user experience, UX bounce rate, and conversions. 

In the quest to find the solution to your website’s optimal performance, I present CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to you. CDN has the ability to improve the speed of loading your website instantly. However, since CDNs are too complicated for most webmasters.

We’ll go over the fundamentals of CDN and assist you in understanding how you can improve your site’s performance within WordPress by installing CDN.

What Is a Content Delivery Network (CND)?

CDN is a set of web hosting servers that are dispersed all over the globe. The CDN is created to serve as a host and distribution point for the WordPress website’s static content, including pictures, CSS, JavaScript, music, videos, and more.

This is accomplished by copying static content on your site to remote servers. This way, when the user attempts to access the content, the image or CSS/JavaScript script file is sent from the server closest to the server the user is trying to access.

The Content Delivery Network works on the same principles as the Web and the Internet. The CDN provider can place servers on the internet exactly like the web’s hubs of service providers. Most of the time, CDNs are located in areas directly connected to the ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

In most absolute terms, a CDN service is a collection of large caching terminals that sync. It provides users access to content that is not centrally hosted and increases the speed to improve WordPress site performance.

How to improve the performance of your website in WordPress by utilizing CDN

If your WP website is CDN activated, any visitor who tries to access your site will only be able to access the HTML from your server. Their browser will download the rest of your content via a different server that is part of this function’s designed and optimized CDN. Let’s look at how it can be beneficial for your WP site.

1. Speeding up Your Website

Speeding up your website is one of the main reasons you should consider a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A fast website will obviously result in higher conversion rates, better UX, low bounce rates, and more extended web visits.

Since most of your site’s loading time depends on downloading static files, such as pictures and CSS stylesheets, It’s wise to assume that using CDN can lead to a faster website speed because it is accomplished primarily through the concepts of caching of files.

Similar to how you use caching plugins for your WordPress website, Content Delivery Networks also features caching that allows you to upload your files quicker to users using browsers.

Caching is the core and brain of CDN. It is accomplished by moving your static files to efficient proxy servers designed explicitly for speedier content distribution.

The more caching server is closer to users, the less time it takes for all data on the page to load within the browser. These servers make use of enhanced RAM as well as SSD storage. The RAM is utilized for the content that is given the most priority. The SSD is used for content that is of lesser priority. However, it’s still cacheable and accessible to users.

Reducing Bandwidth Costs

One of the most powerful Content Delivery features that significantly benefit you and your WordPress website is the ability to download files from your web server. This is highly beneficial when you wish to stop the load on your host. This can also lower your costs for bandwidth. A global CDN can reduce your expenses by eliminating the need to pay for high-priced Web hosting services.

A global Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an all-in-one platform that can operate across various regions and continents at an affordable price that is ideal when you’re on a budget. It’s a great and inexpensive way to boost the performance of your website in WordPress all over the world using the same hosting platform.

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Improving Website Security

Most CDNs offer an extra layer of protection by providing security from DDoS (Denial-of-service attack). It is a cyber-attack in which the attacker tries to block a device or network resource inaccessible to the intended users interrupting or causing disruption to the services on a host linked to the internet.

The results of this could be catastrophic for the performance of your WP website. These kinds of attacks could cost you thousands of dollars and could have a significant impact on your branding and online image.

CDN functions in such situations to prevent the attack from getting onto your website database and ensure that your site is in its normal state. 

Improving Availability and Uptime

In the case of hosting the majority of your content on the internet, CDNs can be an enormous favor by increasing the speed of your website’s uptime and availability. Since your content is replicated and accessible across multiple locations, if one server fails due to an excessive load, your website traffic will automatically be routed to another available server.

Enhancing SEO

Swifter websites and better WordPress performance will result in a higher SEO ranking. With the help of the Content Delivery Network (CND), you can also use modern technology, such as setting up an encrypted HTTPS connection and using the latest HTTP/2 protocol to improve the speed of your WordPress site and uptime.

Speed is a crucial ranking factor, and it’s an issue that Google takes seriously. This means that you should always ensure the speed of rendering content on your site is high because the more time it takes for content to render, the more likely it will be for a user to exit your site.

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